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AR# 58972

Does Vivado support system level simulation by providing simulation libraries for both 7 series and older devices?


Currently Only 7 series and beyond are supported in Vivado.

In many cases, people want to perform a board level system simulation which contains multiple devices, some of which might be device families older than 7 series.

That requires support for ISE legacy devices as well.
What is the recommended method to compile Xilinx libraries for all devices, including both Vivado supported architectures and 6-series and older?


By default, Vivado provides simulation libraries for 7 series and beyond devices only. 

As installed, Vivado does not provide the ability to simulate multiple devices including the older ones. 

To work around the issue, additional legacy Library sets are needed. 


Currently, legacy libraries are available for VCS and ModelSim/Questa in Vivado 2014.3 and 2014.4.

They can be provided on demand.

If you want to access those library sets, or request for support for other Vivado releases, please contact Xilinx Technical Support. 

Starting from Vivado 2015.1, the ability to compile legacy libraries is integrated into compile_simlib.

More details can be found in (Xilinx Answer 64056).

Note: Board level system simulation is not supported in Vivado Simulator, as it uses pre-compiled simulation device libraries.

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