AR# 59017

14.7, 2013.4 SDK XMD - How to add debug capability to the SDK flashwriter tool


This answer record describes how to add debug capability to the SDK flashwriter tool.


This solution discusses how to add debug functionsality to the flashwriter tool in SDK.

Note: This solution assumes that serial port exists in your HW and the BSP has been compiled with the STDOUT settings set to either UART, or a MDM (if UART is enabled on the MDM).

To set the STDOUT, go to Xilinx Tools -> Board Support Package Settings. Select your relevant BSP. Then, Under Overview -> standalone select stdout. Set this to your serial peripheral such as UARTLITE, or MDM.

To add the debug capability to the flashwriter tool, follow these steps:

  1. Open the defs.h file in the Xilinx tools install directory below, and include the stdio header file and include the DEBUG as shown below:
    <XILINX EDK>14.7\ISE_DS\EDK\data\xmd\flashwriter\src\defs.h
  2. Next, include the dependant libraries for building the xil_print in the flashwriter.tcl. Users should use the built BSP in their SDK workspace for this:

    a. To add this, open the flashwriter.tcl from the EDK install directory below:
    <XILINX EDK>14.7\ISE_DS\EDK\data\xmd\flashwriter.tcl

    b. Add the library path similar to shown below (this corresponds to the project directory seen above):


The debug information will be output to the serial port.


AR# 59017
Date 02/14/2014
Status Active
Type General Article