AR# 59078


AXI Bridge for PCI Express v1.09.a - Are GTH/GTZ devices supported?


Version Found: v1.09.a
Version Resolved and other Known Issues: See (Xilinx Answer 44969)

When implementing the AXI Bridge for PCI Express v1.09.a core for a GTH device, the implementation fails with the following error message:

ERROR:LIT:199 - The component GTXE2_COMMON symbol
pcie_7x_v1_9_inst/gt_ges.gt_top_i/pipe_wrapper_i/pipe_lane[0].pipe_quad.pipe_common.qpll_wrapper_i/gtx_common.gtxe2_common_i" is not supported in this device package or family.
ERROR:LIT:199 - The component GTXE2_CHANNEL symbol "axi_pcie_0/axi_pcie_0/comp_axi_enhanced_pcie/
comp_enhanced_core_top_wrap/axi_pcie_enhanced_core_top_i/pcie_7x_v1_9_inst/gt_ges.gt_top_i/pipe_wrapper_i/pipe_lane[0].gt_wrapper_i/gtx_channel.gtxe2_channel_i" is not supported in this device package or family.
Errors found during logical drc.

Does the core support devices with GTH?


This is a known issue with the tool. AXI Bridge for PCI Express does not support the GTH/GTZ devices listed below, it only supports GTX and GTP devices:

  • XC7VX330T
  • XC7VX415T
  • XC7VX550T
  • XC7VX690T
  • XC7VX980T
  • XC7VX1140T
  • XC7VH580T
  • XC7VH870T

When adding AXI Bridge for PCI Express core in an EDK project for one of the above devices, the tool does not error out indicating the core is not supported for the selected device for the project. Instead, it errors out during implementation with the error message shown above. Ideally, the tool should not list the core in the IP catalog. But due to a bug in the tool, users are able to see the core in the project for one of the above devices and the tool erroneously allows users to add the core into the project.

Note: "Version Found" refers to the version where the problem was first discovered. The problem might also exist in earlier versions, but no specific testing has been performed to verify earlier versions.

Revision History
01/15/2014 - Initial release

AR# 59078
Date 01/31/2014
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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