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AR# 59089

XAPP589 - v2.1-When using the VCXO secondary clocking scheme, pre_opt_design.tcl errors out


When I use the VCXO secondary clocking scheme and run pre_opt_design.tcl, the following error occurs:

[Vivado 12-180] No cells matched 'get_cells -filter {PRIMITIVE_SUBGROUP == gt} -of [get_pins -leaf -filter {DIRECTION == OUT} -of [get_nets -of [get_pins -leaf -filter {DIRECTION == IN && IS_ENABLE == 0} -of [get_cells -of [get_pins -leaf -filter {DIRECTION == OUT} -of [get_nets -of [get_pins -of [get_cells teng_sidei/picxo_top_wrapper_teng/Inst_picxo_top] -filter {NAME =~ *txoutclk_i}]]]]]]]'.


The secondary clocking scheme is as follows:

This error is a known issue, please use the modified Tcl script attached to the end of this answer record (pre_opt_design.tcl).

This issue is fixed in v2.2.


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AR# 59089
Date 07/24/2015
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