AR# 592


PROFLOW: Does not call PPR with all user-defined parameters (PPR.PRO problem)


PROflow is not passing the user defined options to PPR correctly.

PROflow writes out a PPR.PRO parameter file to specify which options should
be used when routing. PROflow must also write to the XDM.PRO profile that the
PPR.PRO parameter file should be used when XMAKE calls PPR. For some of the
options in the advanced implementation options dialog, PROflow does NOT write
the appropriate directive in the XDM.PRO profile to tell XMAKE to use the
PPR.PRO parameter file.


In order to get PROflow to write the correct line in the XDM.PRO profile so
that XMAKE will call ppr using the PPR.PRO parameter file, create an empty
constraints file. Specify that the constraints file be used in the design
implementation dialog control files section.

AR# 592
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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