AR# 5930


1.5i Map - WARNING:xvkdr:3 - blockcheck: Dangling CYINIT input. CYINIT of comp


Keywords: CIN, Virtex, map

Urgency: Standard

This is caused by a dangling CIN net with no driver. This net should
have been trimmed by Map but was not. The resulting DRC issue is an
error in bitgen.

ERROR:xvkdr:3 - blockcheck: Dangling CYINIT input. CYINIT of comp
io_int/cmd_fifo_reg_1[6] is configured to use pin CIN, but pin CIN is not



This problem can be worked around by deleting the stub in the routed
ncd in EPIC and then running bitgen.

This problem is corrected in the 2.1i release due to ship in June.


Turn off the DRC when running bitgen. Use the -d option in the utilities->customize->
template manager.
AR# 5930
Date 04/25/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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