AR# 59316


2013.4 FSBL - Fails to boot from SD if the card is write protected (WP is active)


If the card is write protected (WP is active), FSBL can not boot and returns the following error:

Xilinx First Stage Boot Loader
Release 2013.4  Feb  4 2014-09:45:56
Devcfg driver initialized
Silicon Version 3.1
Watchdog driver initialized
Boot mode is SD
SD: rc= 0
SD: Unable to open file BOOT.BIN: 1
FSBL Status = 0xA009


The work-around is to route the PS SDIO WP pin out to EMIO and tie it to 0.

This issue has been fixed in release 2014.1.

AR# 59316
Date 05/07/2014
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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