AR# 59349

PetaLinux - How do I customize U-BOOT parameters?


I would like to change the default configuration values of U-BOOT in my PetaLinux project. What is the proper way to change configuration of U-BOOT for the PetaLinux tools flow?


Configuration of U-BOOT options (e.g., CONFIG_* options) does not appear in the PetaLinux menuconfig system. In order to update U-BOOT's behavior beyond the default configuration, use these steps:

  1. Open the default U-BOOT configuration file at <plnx-project>/subsystems/linux/configs/u-boot/petalinux-user-config.h.template
  2. Add the following template to the petalinux-user-config.h.template with the desire changes:
  3. #ifdef <config>
    #undef <config>
    #define <config> <value>

    An example to change the U-BOOT delay value would like similar to the example below:

    #define CONFIG_BOOTDELAY 0
  4. Build the PetaLinux system as normal.
AR# 59349
Date 02/10/2014
Status Active
Type General Article