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AR# 59508

Vivado - What is the Xilinx Information Center (XIC) and how can I control when it is open?


After installation of Vivado Design Suite (2014.1 or later), the Xilinx Information Center (XIC) tool seems to continually run and check software updates automatically.

What is XIC?

Is there a way to disable it?


What is the Xilinx Information Center?

The Xilinx Information Center (XIC) replaces XilinxNotify in Vivado Design Suite 2014.1 and will provide customers with notifications regarding updates, new releases and even alerts (if deemed necessary).

An option to disable the automatic launching of XIC will be added in a later release.

In Vivado Design Suite 2014.1, XIC can be controlled as indicated below.

Finding/Closing Xilinx Information Center

XIC is started automatically by the installer and runs in tray mode.

It can be opened with the shortcut provided in the Start menu or from the System tray in Windows or notification area in Linux.

The tool will also get restarted automatically after a reboot or on logging in.

To close XIC:

Open XIC and select File->Exit

To stop XIC running automatically:


Remove the shortcut Xilinx Information Center located under the Startup program group folder.


Go to Start Menu->System->Preferences->Startup Applications and remove the shortcut Xilinx Information Center from the list.


Uninstalling Xilinx Information Center

Xilinx Information Center is a standalone program.  

There is no uninstall shortcut for Xilinx Information Center, to uninstall the program follow the steps below:


Go to Control Panel -> Uninstall a program and click on Xilinx Information Center to launch the uninstaller.


Run the following uninstall command:

<install path>/.xinstall/xic/xsetup -Uninstall
AR# 59508
Date 09/08/2017
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