AR# 59595


Vivado-Line Rate and Reference Clock change Procedure for JESD204 core in Virtex7 Devices for line rates where the RXOUT_DIV>1.



When using Virtex-7 GTH devices, and for certain configurations, the 7 Series GTH wrapper provided by the GT Wizard has four additional pins and a soft reset module compared to the version provided with the JESD204 V5.0 core.

This only occurs when creating a GT Wizard with a link rate of less than 4Gbps.


This update procedure is applied only when the line rate and reference clock selections fall under the RX reset Sequence requirements mentioned in (Xilinx Answer 53779)


Step 1

Generate the GT Wizard wrapper as described in PG066.

Step 2

Modify the instantiation of the GT Wizard in the file <corename>_gtwizard_top.v provided with the JESD204 IP (not the version provided with the GT Wizard) by adding the following additional signals:

Note: Leave outputs as open and connect rst_in to system reset.
    .rst_in(Connect to System Reset),
    .rxpmaresetdone (),
    .txpmaresetdone (),

Step 3

Add the extra module's  jesd204_gtwizard_0_gtrxreset_seq and jesd204_0_gtwizard_0_sync_block to the project.
You should generate the Core with the option "Include shared logic in example design" selected and then include the Transceiver and these extra modules in the project.

This will ensure that these modules are added to the project correctly.
Note: If you instead generate the Core with the "Include shared logic in core" option the extra modules won't be detected even if they are added to the project.

Step 4

Follow the remaining steps mentioned in PG066.
For simulation of the generated test bench to pass successfully you need to change the core clock (line rate/40), reference clock  and line rate parameter UI to the correct values matching the modified reference clock and line rate.
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AR# 59595
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