AR# 59599

Vivado Simulator FAQ - How do I speed up simulation?


What options are available in Vivado to reduce the simulation runtime with the minimum impact on the functionality of my 7 Series design?


The UNIFAST library is an optional library that can be used during RTL behavioral simulation to speed up simulation runtime of 7 Series designs.

Xilinx recommends using the UNIFAST library for initial verification of the design and when running a complete verification use the UNISIM library.

The simulation runtime speed-up is achieved by supporting a subset of the 7 Series primitive features in the simulation mode.

The 7 Series primitives listed below have an equivalent UNIFAST model:

  • MMCME2
  • RAMB18E1/RAMB36E1
  • FIFO18E1/FIFO36E1
  • DSP48E1

The UNIFAST model is provided in both VHDL & Verilog versions and is located in the following directories:

  • Verilog: <Vivado_Install_Dir>/data/verilog/src/unifast
  • VHDL: <Vivado_Install_Dir>/data/vhdl/src/unifast

Recommended method for simulation with all UNIFAST models:

To enable UNIFAST support in a Vivado project environment for the Vivado simulator or ModelSim, check the Enable fast simulation models box, as shown below:


For IES and VCS simulators, point to the UNIFAST library using:

-y ../verilog/src/unifast


  1. This model cannot be used for timing-driven simulations.
  2. UNIFAST libraries cannot be used for sign-off simulations because the library components do not have all of the checks/features that are available in a full model.
  3. UltraScale primitive models are already optimized for runtime and are thus not supported
AR# 59599
Date 11/26/2015
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