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Vivado Simulator FAQ - How do I Collect simulation files from TCL console?


I have a big design with many IP's and RTL files.
How can I collect only the simulation files from the TCL console?


get_files is a TCL command which can be used to collect files for simulation only.

Normally the get_files command returns a machine readable list of files in the project, in a design, or in a sub-design such as an IP core or block design.

You can filter the results returned by get_files using command arguments like the following:

  • -of_objects
  • -compile_order
  • -used_in
  • -filter
TCL Examples for get_files:

1. Query all of the files for a specific IP
get_files -all -of_objects [get_files <ip_name>.xci]
2. Query an ordered list of files for simulation - IP only
get_files -compile_order sources -used_in simulation -of_objects [get_files <ip_name>.xci]
3. Query an ordered list of files for complete Top Level Design (including IP)
get_files -compile_order sources -used_in simulation
For more information type
get_files -help
Alternatively refer to the document UG896
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