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LogiCORE IP SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI IP v1.0 - Does the SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI IP support Artix-7 -1 speed grade?


Does the SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI IP support the Artix-7 -1 speed grade?

In ISE 14.7 CORE Generator the SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI IP v1.0 core supports the Artix-7 -1 speed grade.

However, in Vivado the Artix-7 -1 speed grade is not available.  

Why is there a difference?


All Artix-7 designs targeting SDI applications should use Vivado Design Suite.

Artix-7 -1 speed grade fabric is not fast enough to support the requirements for SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI.

This is why support for the Aritx-7 -1 speed grade was removed from the SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI IP in Vivado.

Note: Vivado did allow for the SMPTE SDI core to be generated for an Artix-7 -1 speed grade in 2014.1 and 2014.2, but this was a bug that has been resolved in 2014.3.

Note: This limitation also applies to Zynq devices with -1 Artix fabric and Vivado should not have allowed you to select these devices up through 2015.1. 

These devices will also be removed in the near future.

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AR# 59601
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