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How to transfer files using EZmove


I need to send a file to a Xilinx engineer securely.

How do I send the file to the Xilinx engineer using EZmove?



The Xilinx EZmove File Transfer Service standardizes the way file exchanges are handled securely.
This secure site allows Xilinx employees to exchange files with external customers, suppliers and vendors and vice-versa using an email interface for setting up accounts and sending notifications.
Note: If you are a Xilinx employee, see the internal notes section for instructions on how to use EZmove. The instructions below are for external customers.

How do I send a file to a Xilinx engineer securely using EZmove?

Contact the Xilinx engineer that you are working with and ask them to set up an EZmove file transfer for you. They will need your valid email address.

The Xilinx engineer will set up the secured area for you and an e-mail will be sent to you from

When the secured area is set up, you will receive two email notifications if it is your first time using EZmove, or if you have not accessed the site recently:

  • The first email will explain that you have a "package" waiting for you at
  • The second email will contain your user login credentials

Follow the directions in the e-mail messages to access the files. Your account will stay active for 180 days after your last login.


How do I "send a package" using EZmove?


Sending a "package" using the EZmove File Transfer Service is as easy as sending an email with a file attachment.

  • Sign on to EZmove using your user credentials
  • On the home page click on Send Package
  • Click on Send Package




  • This action will take you to the New Package window



In the email interface:

  • Fill in recipients, Subject and Notes as needed.

    Note: Xilinx employees must be entered by inputting first.last name only or their userid only without the domain (
    Use the Check Recipients button to verify the email address entered for the recipients are in the tool as active. 

  • Not all Xilinx Employees are active in the tool.
    If you are unable to verify recipients, contact details that means that Xilinx employee does not have an existing EZmove account, and will need to log in to their EZmove account once.

  • To attach your package you can do one of the following:
  1. drag and drop the files





  1. Click on Upload files -> Browse to add the file manually




  • Files can be sent immediately if the Send package immediately after upload check box is enabled. Before enabling this option, make sure the sender information is updated on the new package window.


How do I use the Upload/Download Wizard?


The EZmove File Transfer Service allows you to upload files as large as 150GB, and multiple files using the Upload/Download Wizard.

The wizard acts as a download manager that will allow you to "resume/restart" a file transfer if a previous transmission was interrupted.

If you are using Internet Explorer, an ActiveX Control allows you to transfer multiple files by drag-and drop.

It is strongly recommended that you use the Upload/Download Wizard if at all possible, or else upload/download size will be limited to 2GB.



Note: for other Browsers like Firefox/Chrome and Edge, the Upload/Download wizard will pop up automatically.

Up to 150GB file size is supported with the wizard.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Does my browser Support EZmove?

EZmove 10.2 is supported by all browsers.


Q: I am unable to send files to Xilinx users.

This happens when the email address for a Xilinx employee is input incorrectly.

You must use first.last name or the user id, without the domain.

(So instead of just example).


Q: I already have an EZmove account, but my password is not working.

It is important to remember that as a customer, your EZmove credentials are not the same as your credentials.

Your username is your email address that you receive EZmove files from.

You can then use the self-service password reset on the EZmove login page to reset your password.

This will not work if your account has been locked due to too many bad password attempts or if the account has been terminated.

If you still have issues, please contact, and they will work with you to get your password reset.


Q: A Xilinx employee sent me a package, but I never got my EZmove credentials to access it.

As a first step, please check your junk mail folder.

EZmove emails are prone to being flagged by other companies junk filters.

If that yeilds no results, please contact


Q: I have an EZmove account, but the Xilinx employee I want to send my package to is not in my address book, what do I need to do?

Xilinx employees will only show up in your address book if they have sent a package to you.

The quickest way to remedy this is to contact the Xilinx employee and have them send a blank package to you, they will then appear in your address book.

For further assistance on this, please contact


Q: I am trying to send a package, but I keep getting the error "Illegal items were stripped from this package. Please try your action again."

The message you are seeing is due to sanitation code to prevent malicious scripts from being sent.

However, this commonly triggers on copy/pasted content from a web page, Outlook emails, or text editors.

One way to mitigate this is to first paste the content into Notepad, then copy from there. For further assistance on this, please contact


Q: How can I send a large file without getting a timeout error?

Uploading large files takes time and if there is no action taken once the upload is completed, then it might break the upload. 

To avoid this issue, you can enable the option "send package immediately after upload" on the upload/download wizard.

Note: please fill in all of the information in the new package window such as sender information and note.

Select New package window -> upload files -> Send package immediate after upload.



Q: If I receive your EZmove account expired mail, what do I have to do?

Please contact to re-enable your account. 


Q: Can I use Linux with EZmove? How?

Yes, the EZmove GUI works on Linux, with the Firefox browser and Chrome browser.

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