AR# 59639


Vivado IP Integrator - Critical warning relating to the BMM file if using the Block Memory Generator in Standalone


I have a simple IP Integrator design with the Block Memory Generator with MODE set to Standalone.

This is connected to the AXI BRAM controller.

However, during implementation the critical warning below is seen:

[Memdata 28-122] data2mem failed with parsing error. check the bmm file or the bmm_info_* properties on the BRAM components. The design BRAM components  initialization strings have not been updated.



If the Block Memory Generator is connected to the AXI BRAM controller, then the MODE parameter will be auto-populated. 

However, as a potential work-around, the Tcl commands below can be run to suppress the tools from merging the BMM file.

  • set_param memdata.disableAnnotatedBMM 1
  • set_param memdata.disableBRAMInitStrings 1
  • set_param memdata.ignoreEmbeddedBMMProperties 1
AR# 59639
Date 08/29/2017
Status Active
Type General Article
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