AR# 59654


2013.4 Vivado - Controlling automatic BUFG insertion on reset nets during Vivado Implementation


The Vivado implementation flow will automatically insert BUFGs on reset nets that have a fanout of 50,000 and where there are not already 12 clock buffers (BUFG and BUFHCE) using global resources.


These two thresholds can be modified with the following parameters:

To change the fannout  threshold from the default of 50000:

set_param logicopt.thresholdBUFGinsertHFN 20000 

To change the threshold of total BUFGs and instantiated BUFHCEs in the design:

set_param logicopt.thresholdBUFGperRegion 15

Note: the parameter name is misleading because the threshold is the total number.

AR# 59654
Date 06/19/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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