AR# 5972


FPGA Express 3.1: unexpected errors, access violation (0xc0000005), Dr. Watson


KEYWORDS: Dr. Watson, FPGA Express, access violation, 0xc0000005


When trying to synthesize HDL source code using FPGA Express or
Foundation Express, users may occasionally run into Synopsys
unexpected errors. Some examples:

An application error has occurred and an application error log is being generated.
Exception: access violation (0xc0000005), Address 0x10082667

PCM - cannot get chips infor from Synopsys -- unknown error.

Synopsys Internal Error
Abort at 1546

Dr. Watson, Access violation (Windows NT only)


These errors typically occur due to unexpected syntax in the HDL code.
Here are some suggestions that may help you work around these errors:

Before synthesizing the design:

Set Effort to "Low"
Set Optimization strategy to "Area"
Check the "Preserve Hierarchy" box

In the Constraints Editor, under the Modules tab:

Set Operator Sharing to "Off"
Set Duplicate Register Merge to "Disable"
The global settings above can also be done here on a modular basis.

Even if the problem can be worked around, there is an issue that needs
to be resolved. Work with the Xilinx hotline to determine the root cause
of the unexpected error. Finding a solution often requires submission of
your design (or at least a testcase) so we can reproduce the problem.
AR# 5972
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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