AR# 5977


3.1i COREGEN - Some IP customization GUIs may not fit on PC screens set to 800 x 600 resolution.


Keywords: PC, graphics, CORE Generator, PDA, SDA, FIR Filter, 4K

Urgency: standard

General Description:
On a PC screen set to a resolution of 800 x 600, the GUI for some
LogiCORE IP modules in the CORE Generator are too tall to fit within
the screen. As a result, the "Generate", "Cancel", and "Data
Sheet" buttons fall below the bottom of your screen when the core
customization GUI is invoked. Moving the customization dialog up
makes the buttons visible, but then the dialog's title bar is obscured.

Resizing the dialog to make it smaller may also cause the Cancel
button to be partially obscured, and may totally obscure the Data Sheet

IP modules that are affected include the following:

- SDA FIR Filter (4K)
- PDA FIR Filter (4K)


The only solution is to change your PC's screen resolution to
1024 x 760 or higher.
AR# 5977
Date 08/23/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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