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AR# 5983

1.5i Map - Bus error (core dumped) after Merging...


Keywords: m1.5.28, map, bus error, core dump, merging, virtex

Urgency: Normal

General Description:

M1.5.28 on Solaris 2.6

"map -p xcv300-4-pq240 -o map.ncd odc_fpga.ngd odc_fpga.pcf"

map: version M1.5.28i
Copyright (c) 1995-1998 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved.
Reading NGD file "odc_fpga.ngd"...
Using target part "v300pq240-4".
Processing logical timing constraints...
....Removing unused or disabled logic...
Checking design components...
Pushing bubbles ...
Collapsing logic...
Bus Error (core dumped)


For this case the work around for the problem is to set the 'XVKMAP_OLD_CARRY_MERGE'
environment variable to invoke an older version of the carry merge routine.
AR# 5983
Date 04/25/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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