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AR# 59863

Vivado Sysgen - Recursion detected in the OpenFcn of 'Model_Name/Block_Name'


Sporadically, I receive an error popup when trying to open Xilinx blocks in my Sysgen model.

 Recursion detected in the OpenFcn of 'Model_Name/Block_Name'


Why does this occur and how can this be avoided?


This is a known issue and can occur when Sysgen/Matlab is slow and a user double clicks a second time on the same block since it appears to be stalled but in reality is opening very slowly.

To avoid the error, please do not double click repeatedly on the same block.

It may also be worth while to close other application on your machine and possibly restart Sysgen/Matlab to improve performance overall for the tool.


AR# 59863
Date 05/09/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
  • System Generator for DSP
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