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AR# 59875

2014.1 Vivado - Running a command from the Tclstore in Vivado 2014.1 results in: invalid command name ""


I cannot run procedures from the tclstore.  

When the procedure is run the following error message is received:

invalid command name "<proc name>"

For Example:

invalid command name "export_simulation" 
invalid command name "write_project_tcl"

Attempting to install again also fails. 

When I click on Install it fails with this error message:

tclapp::install designutils
INFO: [Common 17-660] Loading Tcl app 'designutils' into namespace {xilinx::designutils}
can't find package ::tclapp::xilinx::designutils
    while executing
">"package require $app"
    (procedure "tclapp::support::appinit::load_app" line 85)
    invoked from within
">"tclapp::support::appinit::load_app C:/Users/myuname/AppData/Roaming/Xilinx/Vivado/2014.1/XilinxTclStore ::tclapp::xilinx::designutils xilinx::designut..."
ERROR: [Common 17-685] Unable to load Tcl app xilinx::designutils

These commands existed in early access builds of Vivado 2014.1.  

Why am I not able to use them now?  

Do I have to do something extra to activate these procedures?


A user should not have to do anything extra to activate the procedures installed by default in the tclstore.

However, if a user previously ran tclstore in a Vivado 2014.1 build prior to the official 2014.1 release, the tclstore contents are cached and will be out of date.


First, try running the command: tclapp::reset_tclstore

If the command above does not work, the Tcl App Store can be reset manually as follows.

Delete %APPDATA%/Xilinx/Vivado/2014.1/XilinxTclStore

(%APPDATA% on Windows 7 is usually located at C:\Users\{your_login}\AppData\Roaming)


Delete $HOME/.Xilinx/Vivado/2014.1/XilinxTclStore
AR# 59875
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite
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