AR# 59888


2015.2 Vivado IPI - Critial warning: [Memdata 28-96] Could not find a BMM_INFO_DESIGN property in the design


My IPI project reports the following critical warning in synthesis and error in bitstream:

Critical warning:

[Memdata 28-122] data2mem failed with a parsing error. Check the bmm file or the bmm_info_* properties on the BRAM components. The design BRAM components initialization strings have not been updated.


[Memdata 28-96] Could not find a BMM_INFO_DESIGN property in the design. Could not generate the merged BMM file: C:/cases/tools/vivado_ipi/project_1.runs/impl_1/Microblaze_wrapper_bd.bmm


Check whether the name "Microblaze" is in the hierarchy path, or the Block Design (BD) name.

The name "Microblaze" will cause critical warnings and errors similar to the above.

To work around this issue, remove the word "Microblaze" from the hierarchy and re-run implementation.

Note: To change the name of the BD, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Block Design (BD), and use the write_bd_tcl command to create the TCL
  • Open the TCL, and rename the BD to something more suitable (for example my_mb)
    • This is the line set design_name <name of BD>
  • Remove the existing BD
  • Source the TCL to create the BD
  • Rename the instantiation in the wrapper
  • Re-generate the Output Products
  • Re-run Implementation

After these changes are made, it will look similar to the following:

AR# 59888
Date 07/21/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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