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AR# 60013

Vivado Synthesis - "Critical Warning : [Synth 8-3352] multi-driven net" caused by continuous assign statements along with wire declaration


The following Verilog code in which wires are created with continuous assign statements causes multi driver issues.

wire [45:0] io_i = 46'd0; 
assign io_i = io; 
Vivado Synthesis gives the following critical warnings:
Critical Warning : [Synth 8-3352] multi-driven net <signal_name> with 1st driver pin '<pin_name1>' [xxx.v.3]
Critical Warning : [Synth 8-3352] multi-driven net <signal_name> with 2nd driver pin '<pin_name2>' [xxx.v.3]


The problem is due to the difference between a reg declaration and a wire declaration in Verilog.  

When you have a declaration of type reg that looks like :

reg my_signal = initial_value;

This is treated as an initial condition. 

However if you have a statement that looks like :

wire my_signal = initial_value;

This is treated as a continuous assign statement and not an initial condition.

So if there is another assign statement for my_signal, you will get multi-driven critical warnings. 

The solution is to modify your RTL.

AR# 60013
Date 04/16/2014
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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