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AR# 60083

2013.3 Licensing - "Host ID matches" column of report_environment is always listed as "no" for Flex-ID Dongles


In Vivado 2013.3, if I run report_environment with a FlexID dongle on my machine, the ID is correctly listed, but the "Host ID matches" column of report_environment is always listed as "no" for license features associated with the Flex-ID.

In the report the Flex ID is listed:

| FLEXID Dongle ID | FLEXID=9-489f1cbc

Below is an example line later in the report (some spaces and the end of the line deleted for readability)

| HLS | S/W | 2014.12 | Permanent | 4-Aug-2013 | Nodelocked | Uncounted | | 9-489f1cbc | No ....

The HOST ID Matches column is shown as No. However, the host ID in the license file is correct.

Why is this happening?


This is a reporting problem (i.e., the license works correctly). This happens when node-locked license is locked to a dongle Flex-ID.

To verify the HostID matches, use the "lmutil lmdiag" command. 

Running "lmutil lmdiag" by itself will search for all license features found in the defined Flex license path. 

A specific feature name can be added to diagnose only that specific feature. 

The -c option can be used to specify a specific license file or location.


  • lmutil lmdiag
  • lmutil lmdiag implementation
  • lmutil lmdiag -c C:\.Xilinx\xilinx.lic
  • lmutil lmdiag -c C:\.Xilinx\xilinx.lic synthesis

The "lmutil lmdiag" will return the features found and whether the feature can be checked out. 

If the HostID does not match, this will be listed as a reason the feature cannot be checked out.

In Vivado 2013.4, report_environment has been fixed to show the correct HostID Matches value. 

AR# 60083
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.3
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