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Install - "Add Design Tools or Device" does not let me add only post Installation Options


The Vivado 2014.x installer gives the option to select which devices and tools are installed.

Among the available selections are the post Installation Options.

  • Enable WebTalk ...
  • Install Cable Drivers ...
  • Acquire or Manage a License Key
  • Install WinPCap ...
  • Launch configuration manager ...

These are tasks that will be launched /executed after the Vivado installation is completed.

If a user or admin installs a subset of the available Design tools or Devices, they can install additional Tools or Devices at any time using the "Add Design Tools or Device" option. See (Xilinx Answer 60112).

However, if I only want to run one of the post Installation Options, I get the following message when trying to use the "Add Design Tools or Devices" option.

You must select additional tools or devices to complete the installation.


In Vivado 2014.3 and later, the "Add Design tools or device" selection under the Vivado menu group will allow post install processes to be run if they previously failed.

In Vivado 2014.1 and Vivado 2014.2, the following procedures were required to run these tasks.  (Note: The manual operations below can be applied to any Vivado version after and including Vivado 2014.1).

Because the "Installation Options" are only launched after the main installation the Vivado installer will ask for an additional Device or Design Tool to be selected before continuing.  

In some cases this is not possible (because they have all been installed already) or not desirable.

All of the post installation options are available to run as separate executables.

Please see following Answer Records for specifics on Launching / executing the post "Installation Options" tasks.

Enable WebTalk (Xilinx Answer 56664)

Use the config_webtalk Tcl command or select Tools -> Options in Vivado IDE

Install Cable Drivers (Xilinx Answer 59128)


<installRoot>\<Product>\2014.1\data\xicom\cable_drivers\nt(64)\install_drivers_wrapper.bat <installRoot>\<Product>\2014.1\data\xicom cable\drivers\nt(64) <installRoot>\.xinstall\cable_driver_install.log 


<installRoot>/data/xicom/cable_drivers/lin(64)/install_script/install_drivers/install_drivers  >><installRoot>/.xinstall/cable_driver_install.log <installRoot>/<Product>/2014.1

Acquire or Manage a License Key (Xilinx Answer 60013)

Use the Vivado License Manager (VLM); Use the "Manage Xilinx Licenses" option from the Start Menu or the Vivado IDE help menu.

Install WinPCap

Run the WinPCap.exe install executable from the Vivado install directory: <installRoot>\Vivado\2014.1\data\sysgen\4.1.1-WinPcap.exe

Launch configuration manager

1) Generate a device file list.


<installRoot>\Vivado\2014.1\bin\vivado.bat -nolog -nojournal -mode batch -source <installRoot>\.xinstall\Vivado_2014.1\scripts\xlpartinfo.tcl -tclargs <installRoot>\Vivado\2014.1\data\parts\installed_devices.txt


<installRoot>/Vivado/2014.1/bin/vivado -nolog -nojournal -mode batch -source <installRoot>/.xinstall/Vivado_2014.1/scripts/xlpartinfo.tcl -tclargs <installRoot>/Vivado/2014.1/data/parts/installed_devices.txt

2) Run Sysgen.

The first time Sysgen is run, it will automatically launch the configuration manager to associate System Generator for DSP with MATLAB if this has not already been associated.

On Windows Operating Systems, the Microsoft redistributable program (vcredist.exe) is also installed post installation.

This package is required for Vivado to run correctly.

On most computers, the package has already been installed so there will not be a problem if this post install task is not able to complete.

However if the Vivado IDE does not open, the redistributable package might be the issue. (Xilinx Answer 59304)

Run both of the Visual C++ redistribution exes located at:

  • <installpath>\tps\win32\vcredist_x86.exe
    <installpath>\tps\win64\ vcredist_x64.exe
AR# 60111
Date 07/13/2016
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