AR# 60112

Install - How can I install additional Devices or Options to an existing Vivado installation?


How to add devices or options to an existing Vivado installation.


In Vivado 2014.1 or later, the installer can be re-launched to add to an existing installation in order to add device support or design tools.

This is also a way to upgrade the Vivado edition to a more complete edition.

There are a number of ways to launch the installer in order to add content.

  • Launch the installer using the shortcut Add Design Tools or Devices located with the other installed shortcuts on Windows.
  • Launch the installer from within the Vivado IDE menu (Help -> Add Design Tools or Devices)
  • Launch the installer from within the .xinstall directory of an existing install. (for example: C:\Xilinx\.xinstall\Vivado_2014.1\xsetup.exe)

Once the installer has opened, the selections are prepopulated with the currently installed Tools and devices.

Select the new options which you wish to add to the install and then click Next.

Note: there is no option to uninstall only parts of an install.

During an "Add Design Tools or Devices" install, the post "Installation Options" might only be completed if additional devices or tools are selected.

AR# 60112
Date 07/07/2017
Status Active
Type General Article