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Vivado Install Solution Center - Documentation


Please refer to the following documentation when using the Vivado Installer for Vivado 2014.x and newer releases.

Note: With the Vivado 2014.x and newer releases, Xilinx has designed a new installer with additional capabilities.

This article is available to address all questions related to the new install.

For install information or troubleshooting, use the 2014.x Vivado Install Solution Center to guide you to the right information.


Video Demo: Learn about new install features in 2014.x and newer versions with a 7 minute 2014.x installer demo:


How do I install? / Where do I get the Vivado 2014.x and newer versions installer? see (Xilinx Answer 60117)

For Troubleshooting tips for the Vivado 2014.x and newer versions install, see (Xilinx Answer 60118)


For information on installing from a previously downloaded archive, see (Xilinx Answer 60119)

To add additional Devices or tools to an existing Install, See (Xilinx Answer 60112)

The Xilinx Information Center (XIC) is set up to open automatically and check for updates. For more information, see (Xilinx Answer 59508)

For Known issues with the Vivado 2014.x installer see: (Xilinx Answer 60122)

AR# 60116
Date 08/26/2020
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