AR# 6013


FPGA Express: Verilog keyword "tri" causes Express to crash (Cannot create chip in Synopsys project) (Abort at 470)


Keywords: chip, Synopsys, FPGA Express, create, Foundation, 470

Urgency: Standard

General Desciption: When analyzing a Verilog design in Foundation Express 2.1i, the
following message may occur:

Pcm: Cannot analyze file in Synopsys project- Unknown error
Pcm: Cannot get file's status from Synopsys- Synopsys software caused unexpected exception
Pcm: Cannot get information count- Synopsys software caused unexpected exception

A second error possibility is "Abort at 470".


If the code contains the keyword "tri", replace each instance with "wire".
This replacement makes no difference in synthesis and does not cause the FPGA Express
tools to crash.
AR# 6013
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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