AR# 60153

Vivado Library Compilation: [Vivado 12-2124] Can not update non-existent setup file synopsys_​sim.setup


When I try to compile Vivado libraries for Synopsys VCS Simulator, I receive the error below:

ERROR: [Vivado 12-2124] Can not update non-existent setup file synopsys_sim.setup.
ERROR: [Vivado 12-2146] Failed to update the setup file(s) for simulator vcs_mx. Library verilog.secureip will not be compiled.

Why is this happening and is there any way to resolve it?


The problem could be related to the read/write permissions of the tools/user.

synopsys_sim.setup is a file from the Synopsys installation in which all of the Default Simulation env variables and parameters are defined. 

During the compilation task, Vivado makes a copy of this file at the beginning of the process and adds the compiled libraries at the bottom of the file (library mapping). 

Once the files is created/copied in the working directory for compilation, the Vivado compilation tool starts to write to the directory where the libraries have been compiled.

If this file is not present or can not be created, then the process fails with the error message above.

A work-around is to copy the "Synopsys_sim.setup" file from the Synopsis installation to the working directory and the tool will append the library mappings.

AR# 60153
Date 01/28/2015
Status Active
Type General Article