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AR# 60163

2014 Licensing - Known Issues for 2014.x Vivado Software Licensing


This answer record details the known issues related to the Xilinx implementation of FLEXnet licensing for the 2013 Vivado and 14.x ISE Design Suite release.

For license troubleshooting help, see (Xilinx Answer 32301).
For the Licensing Solution Center, see (Xilinx Answer 41259).

For general questions about software licensing, see the following Xilinx Licensing FAQ page.

Xilinx Licensing Site:


Outstanding Known Issues in Vivado 2014.4

(Xilinx Answer 60091) - Invalid LM_LICENSE_FILE value syntax causes Vivado License Manager to crash with fatal error in JRE
(Xilinx Answer 60093) - Vivado License Manager shows wrong count of seats when multiple floating licenses are set up in the same server
(Xilinx Answer 60164) - Vivado License Manager (VLM) takes a long time to load the available licenses 
(Xilinx Answer 60169) - Windows 8.1 does not support server licenses: APPCRASH for xilinxd.exe
(Xilinx Answer 60180) - The Vivado License Manager (VLM) does not display licenses found in a user mapped %HOMEDRIVE%\.Xilinx
(Xilinx Answer 61109) - Activation based floating licensing does not support 3-Redundant License?

Resolved Known Issues in Vivado 2014.4


Resolved Known Issues in Vivado 2014.3

(Xilinx Answer 60172) - Changing the License Search location value in the Vivado License Manager does not change the System variable value
(Xilinx Answer 60485) - The Xilinx activation license generator is not able to support virtual machines.
(Xilinx Answer 60933) - Activation license downloaded as a .lic file instead of a .XML

Resolved Known Issues in Vivado 2014.2

(Xilinx Answer 60178) - Vivado License Manager (VLM) does not report the license location for all features

(Xilinx Answer 60548) - UG973 (Release Notes, Installation,  and Licensing) incorrectly shows spaces for xlicclientmgr -v command option

Resolved Known Issues in Vivado 2014.1

(Xilinx Answer 52062) - Floating IP license is not recognized in the Vivado tool if the IP license is on a different server than the Vivado license
(Xilinx Answer 56618) - "Fatal Error. License Check failed for secure IP. Exiting Synthesis."
(Xilinx Answer 57474) - Vivado HLS license Error when using a USB Dongle - [LIC-104] Missing required feature [VIVADO_HLS]
(Xilinx Answer 58986) - Write_bitstream fails with "ERROR: [Common 17-69] Command failed: Your license for device 'xc7z015' is setup for evaluation or trial purposes only..."
AR# 60163
Date 12/16/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.1
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.2
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.3
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.4
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