AR# 60197


10 Gigabit Ethernet MAC v13.0 - Correction to oversized frame count in TX statistics


In the 10 Gigabit Ethernet MAC v13.0 (Rev. 1) and earlier, the oversized frame count could be larger than the frame when using MTU or when jumbo frames are disabled.

- When jumbo frames are disabled in the transmitter and a jumbo frame is transmitted, the TX frame length count (part of the TX_STATISTICS_VECTOR) should stick to either 1518 for non-VLAN frames or 1522 for VLAN frames. 

Currently it sticks to 1526.

- If the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is set on the TX side to a valid value, the counter sticks to a value that is always bigger by 8 than the set MTU size.


In v13.1 of the core released in Vivado 2014.1, this was fixed to have the frame length count stick to a max frame size of either 1518 for non-VLAN frames or 1522 for VLAN frames when Jumbo frames are disabled, and to the MTU when the MTU is enabled.

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AR# 60197
Date 04/17/2014
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