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AR# 60270

2014.1 Vivado - SCOPED_TO_CELLS constraint applied to cells using wildcard (*) is only applied to 1st cell found


If the SCOPED_TO_CELLS constraint is applied to cells using a wildcard (*), it is only applied to the first cell found.

Does the SCOPED_TO_CELLS property support wildcards?

For Example:

set_property SCOPED_TO_CELLS {{g_cpri[*].i_cpri_top/i_cpri_ip_core_block}} [get_files cpri_v6_1.xdc]


In Vivado Design Suite 2014.1 the SCOPED_TO_CELLS property does not support wildcards.

If wildcards are used then the property is only applied to the first cell found.

This issue has been fixed in the 2014.2 release.

AR# 60270
Date 11/20/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • FPGA Device Families
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.1
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