AR# 60347


2014.1 IPI - MIG flow for AC701 includes an incorrect clock pin


Generating a MIG example design in IPI using the AC701 board flow may result in an incorrect pin out for clock outputs.
How can this issue be resolved?


A workaround for this issue is to lock the sys_clk_p and sys_clk_n to R3 and P3 using the following constraints:

# PadFunction: IO_L13P_T2_MRCC_34
set_property IOSTANDARD DIFF_SSTL15 [get_ports {sys_clk_p}]
set_property PACKAGE_PIN R3 [get_ports {sys_clk_p}]

# PadFunction: IO_L13N_T2_MRCC_34
set_property IOSTANDARD DIFF_SSTL15 [get_ports {sys_clk_n}]
set_property PACKAGE_PIN P3 [get_ports {sys_clk_n}]

This issue will be fixed in a future software release.

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AR# 60347
Date 07/15/2014
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