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Vivado Simulator - How do I open a previously saved simulation waveform?


When you run a simulation and display HDL objects in a waveform window, the running simulation produces a waveform database (WDB) file containing the waveform activity of the displayed HDL objects.

The WDB file also stores information about all of the HDL scopes and objects in the simulated design.

How do I open a previously saved WDB file?


There are two methods for opening a Waveform Database (WDB) file for viewing as a simulation: an interactive method and a programmatic method.
Interactive Method
1) Open the Vivado IDE.

2) Open an existing Vivado project.

This step is necessary to gain access to the Open Static Simulation feature.

3) Click Flow > Open Static Simulation and select the WDB file containing the waveform from the previously run simulation.
Alternatively, run the following in the Tcl console:
open_wave_database <name>.wd

Programmatic Method
1) Create a Tcl file (for example, design.tcl) with the contents:

open_wave_database <name>.wdb. 

2) Source the Tcl script in Vivado: 
vivado -source design.tcl

In the static simulation mode, you cannot use commands that control or monitor a simulation (for example, run commands), because there is no underlying "live" simulation model to control.
However, you can view waveforms and the HDL design hierarchy in a static simulation.

As the simulator creates no waveform configuration by default, you must create a new waveform configuration or open an existing WCFG file.

For more information on WCFG, please refer to Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Logic Simulation (UG900).

In Vivado Design Suite versions earlier than 2014.3, WDB files are neither backward nor cross-operating system compatible.

You must open the WDB file in the same version and on the same OS type in which it was created.
Starting in version 2014.3, cross-operating system compatibility has been enabled.

A WDB file created in one operating system will work in other operating systems.

WCFG files are both backward and cross-OS compatible.

However, you cannot open a WDB file created in a previous version of Vivado Design Suite. 

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