AR# 60386


JESD204 v5.1 - upgrade to JESD204 v5.2 in Vivado 2014.1 fails for Rx cores


This issue affects the upgrade of JESD204 cores to version v5.2 in Vivado Design Suite 2014.1.

For Rx cores, the upgrade process fails, and resets the IP to the GUI defaults (Tx).



Solution 1:

The workaround to this issue is to re-customize the IP within the (2014.1) project and restore the original customization. 

(To do this, double-click on the xci file in the Vivado "design sources" window).

Solution 2:

A TCL file has been supplied with this AR.

  1. Download the JESD204 upgrade script.
  2. Place the script into the same parent folder as your Vivado project(s)
  3. Open your existing Vivado project in Vivado 2014.1
  4. Allow the Vivado project to upgrade, but do not upgrade any IP within the project at this stage.
  5. Run the JESD204 upgrade script (at TCL console command line : source ./upgrade_jesd204.tcl)
  6. Allow the script to complete, and the IP synthesis design runs which it spawns to complete.
  7. Close the Vivado project
  8. Re-open the Vivado project
  9. Verify that all JESD204 cores have upgraded and retained the correct parameterization.
  10. Report IP Status to check for any other IP cores in the project requiring upgrade.
  11. Upgrade any other IP cores through the normal method if required.


Solution 3:

An alternative solution is to manually edit the <core>.xci file BEFORE attempting to upgrade.
in the <core>.xci file, find the line containing:

<spirit:configurableElementValue spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.C_USE_BRAM"> 

Modify the value from true to 1, or false to 0

For example:

<spirit:configurableElementValue spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.C_USE_BRAM">true</spirit:configurableElementValue> 

Is modified to:

<spirit:configurableElementValue spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.C_USE_BRAM">1</spirit:configurableElementValue> 


<spirit:configurableElementValue spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.C_USE_BRAM">false</spirit:configurableElementValue>

Is modified to:

<spirit:configurableElementValue spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.C_USE_BRAM">0</spirit:configurableElementValue>

The issue is caused by a change in one of the parameter values (C_USE_BRAM) in the .xci file from a Boolean (TRUE/FALSE) in 2013.4, to an Integer (1/0) in 2014.1.

The error causes the upgrade process to reset the .xci to default values.

This will be fixed in the 2014.2 release.


Revision History:

04/23/14 - Initial release
05/14/2014 - Included solution 2 and .tcl file.


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