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AR# 60420

How can I use Vivado debug repetitive trigger?


Chipscope supported a feature which was called "repetitive triggering"

Vivado 2014.1 added support for repetitive triggering of the Vivado debug ILA cores.

How can this feature be used?


This feature has been renamed and is now called "auto re-trigger".

The Vivado 2014.1 Programming and Debugging user guide describes how to use this feature:

"Enable Auto Re-Trigger" can be selected from the right-click menu on the ILA core, or through the corresponding button on the ILA Dashboard toolbar.

Selecting this will enable Vivado IDE to automatically re-arm the ILA core trigger after a successful trigger+upload+display operation has completed.

The captured data displayed in the waveform viewer corresponding to the ILA core will be overwritten upon each successful trigger event.

The auto re-trigger option can be used with the "Run Trigger" and "Run Trigger Immediate" operations. 

Click "Stop Trigger" to stop the trigger currently in progress.

AR# 60420
Date 05/27/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.1
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