AR# 60477


2014.4 Vivado IP Flows - Create peripheral in IP Packager gives Internal Exception error when creating AXI4 peripheral


When creating an AXI peripheral in Vivado using "IP Packager" (Create Peripheral) on Linux OS, the software returns an internal Exception before completion.

For Example:

  1. Choose "Create and Package New IP" from the Tools menu.
  2. Click "Next"
  3. Select "Create a new AXI4 Peripheral"
  4. Click "Next".

The Software then crashes with the message "Vivado Internal Exception"


How can this be fixed?


A blank/incorrect value for PACKAGER_DEFAULT_VENDOR makes the "create and package NEW IP" crash on Linux Operating systems (RHEL, Ubuntu and CentOS)

The internal Exception has specifically been reported caused by the use of "" or () or no value at all in the Vendor name field in the project settings.

You should be able to correct this by changing some settings:

  1. Go to project settings (Tools->Project Settings) 
  2. Select "IP" then select the packager tab
  3. Make sure that the Vendor and Library fields have valid values. 
    It cannot be either blank or contain double quotes "  or parentheses () symbols. 
    It should to be something like or

Below is a screen capture of the project settings:


AR# 60477
Date 01/16/2015
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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