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AR# 60496

PetaLinux 2013.10: How do I boot a pre-built BSP from the SD card?


How do I boot a pre-built BSP that came with PetaLinux from the SD card?

What do I need to copy on the SD and what do I do next?


PetaLinux BSPs include prebuilt images in the directory <PROJECT_DIR>/pre-built/linux/images .  

To boot this image, follow these steps:

  1. Copy BOOT.BIN and image.ub to the SD Card.
  2. Place the SD card into the SD card slot on the board.
  3. Ensure that the board jumpers and/or DIP switches are configured for SD card boot mode.
  4. Configure your terminal application to 115200-8-n-1 and boot your board.
  5. For example on a Xilinx ZC706, use the BSP Xilinx-ZC706-2013.3 and for booting, make sure that MIO SW11.3 and .4 are up, the rest to zero; please refer to the appropriate UG for your board to select the SD card booting mode. Once booted in the u-boot prompt issue the "run sdboot" command
  6. By default, the pre-built images do not complete boot from SD card in UBOOT.  To complete booting, issue the sdboot command:
    U-Boot-PetaLinux> run sdboot
  7. The Linux kernel will continue booting and will ultimately present a login prompt.


For more information, please see (Xilinx Answer 55777)


AR# 60496
Date 08/08/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • SoC
  • FPGA Device Families
  • PetaLinux
  • PetaLinux - 2013.10
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