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AR# 60512

Licensing - Unable to create an activation license request through the xlicsrvrmgr command utility


When running the command "xlicsrvrmgr cr <filename.xml>" to create an activation floating license, it is not successful.

Depending on the OS type, you may see different error messages:

On Windows Server 2003,

ERROR: API function failed <50012, 42101, 1>
Exit <1> error in command line.

On Windows 7,

ERROR: flxActCommonInit result 20  FNP service not installed on this machine..
Exit <2> FLEXnet initialization error.

How can this be resolved?


If this is the first time xlicsrvrmgr is to be run on a floating license server, then you will need to ensure that the computer's trusted-storage area (where activation authorizations are stored) is first installed and initialized. 

In the License Management Tools download, you will find an initialization utility that varies by OS. 

Run the commands as specified below from the directory where the License Management Tools were unzipped:


installanchorservice.exe xilinxd Xilinx-Design-Suite-Software



Once the trusted storage area is initialized, you can proceed to create a license request.

For more information on creating a license, please refer to the Licensing FAQ, question "How do I obtain a license for a free or purchased product entitlement?" under the section "Obtaining a License".

AR# 60512
Date 06/12/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.1
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