AR# 60539


2013.4 SDK and Vivado Hardware Manager: Failed to program QSPI flashes with 256K and 512K erase sector size


According to the datasheet of S25FL512S, the erase sector is 256K.

So from the below error message, 2228224(0x220000) bytes are going to be erased.

But 2228224 is not a multiple of 256k.

This is causing the following error.

zynq-uboot> sf erase 0 220000
SF: 2228224 bytes @ 0x0 Erased: ERROR
Note: If the flashes are in dual parallel configuration, the erase sector size become 512K.


The work-around is to use u-boot and issue the "sf erase" command with the proper size.

An alternative is to use iMPACT (not Vivado) and set this environmental variable to change the erase sector size:


Note: This issue is scheduled to be fixed in the 2015.3 release. 

From this release on, Vivado will check for the proper erase sector size.

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AR# 60539
Date 07/16/2015
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