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AR# 60651

Licensing - Unable to Initialize Access to Trusted Storage: 6


This issue occurs when trying to host a floating server by using a certificate based license to start up an activation license which is also in trusted storage.

When starting up lmgrd, the following error is received:

Unable to Initialize Access to Trusted Storage: 6

The certificate licenses can be seen, but the activation licenses cannot.

See also:

(Xilinx Answer 60650) - xilinxd exited with status 36 (No features to serve).



This issue has been seen if an older version of xilinxd is being used.

To download the latest version of the Licensing Tools, go to www.xilinx.com/download.  

Then select the desired software version and click on the licensing utilities under License Management Tools.

lmgrd will run xilinxd(.exe) which requires xilinxd_libFNP.so(.dll) for activation. 

Therefore, the LD_Library path should point to both the latest version of xilinxd and also xilinxd_FNP.so.

If xilinxd is found but xilinxd_libFNP.so cannot be located, then only certificate based licenses will be available.

If no certificate based licenses are being served, then xilinxd will be terminated. 

See: (Xilinx Answer 60650)

With a complete Vivado install, lmgrd and xilinxd are located under the bin/unwrapped directory (e.g. Vivado\2014.1\bin\unwrapped\lnx64.o) and xilinxd_FNP.so is located under the lib directory (e.g Vivado\2014.1\lib\lnx64.o).

If you downloaded the license tools separately, the executables and library file will be in the same directory where the archive is unzipped.


The LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable should point to the folder(s) with xilinxd and the Flex activation license library in it. 

Alternatively, xilinxd(.exe) and xilinxd_FNP.so (.dll) can be copied to a folder already searched in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH or PATH variables.

After the environment is set up, restart the server.


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AR# 60651
Date 12/19/2014
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  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.1
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