AR# 60655


Vivado - What is the difference between Number of Jobs and Multithreading?


In the run configuration dialog box, I set the number of jobs to 4.

However, I am receiving the following message which states that 8 CPUs are used:

[Place 30-611] Multithreading enabled for place_design using a maximum of 8 CPUs

Why is the number of CPUs used not limited to 4?


Number of jobs defines the number of local processors to use when launching multiple runs simultaneously.

Multithreading is used by Vivado tool to speed up certain processes within a single job, including DRC reporting, static timing analysis, placement, and routing.
For more information on multithreading, please refer to (UG904), page 7, Under the section "Multithreading with the Vivado Tools".

AR# 60655
Date 01/19/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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