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14.x Timing - How do I obtain timing information from new speeds files (Speedprint utility)?


How do I obtain timing information from new speeds files?


You can use the Speedprint utility to obtain the latest timing information for a particular speed grade (the information from Speedprint supersedes any information found in the data sheet).

For information on obtaining this data from Timing Analyzer, refer to (Xilinx Answer 4506).

You can invoke Speedprint as follows from the command line or a DOS prompt:

speedprint [-s <sgrade>] [-min] [-t <temp>] [-v <volts>] <device>

-s <sgrade> = Desired speed grade, or default
-min = Report on minimum speed data
-t <temp> = Junction temperature of device
-v <volts> = Supply voltage

For more information, see the "Speedprint" chapter of the Development System Reference Guide at:

To see the data for an XCS40XL device in a -5 speed grade, enter the following at a DOS/Shell prompt:

speedprint -s 5 xcs40xl

You can look at the various switches (there are four), by entering:

speedprint -h
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