AR# 6080


Foundation F1.5i - Upgrading a Foundation Express license to 3.1


Keywords: Vista, schematic viewer, Express, License, error (-5: 116)

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When upgrading from Foundation Express F1.5i (Express v2.1.3) to Foundation Express F1.5i Service Pack 1 (Express v3.1), you will need to upgrade your license in order to access Vista, the FPGA Express schematic viewer.


Replace the PACKAGE section of your license.dat file with the following package. This applies to Foundation Standard Express packages only, not Foundation Base Express. Base Express users do not have access to Vista, so these users do not have to update their licenses.

This information can also be found in %XILINX%\data\license_update.txt (in your Foundation install area).

The following is a FLEXlm license file comment line.

This file may be used to update existing Xilinx Foundation Series Foundation Express license files to utilize new capabilities included in Foundation Express 1.5i SP1

The license file is pointed to by the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable, and is typically installed at C:\FlexLM\license.dat

To upgrade an existing license, the license must have a valid FND-EXP-PC INCREMENT line. Replace the appropriate PACKAGE declaration with the following PACKAGE declaration:

# For FND-EXP-PC INCREMENT lines similar to the following:
#INCREMENT FND-EXP-PC xilinxd 1.000 01-JAN-2002 0 FC04A504B384F4A5A07E \
# "XSJ_davet" 00a024a9ea43
# Replace the existing FND-EXP-PC PACKAGE declaration with the following:
PACKAGE FND-EXP-PC xilinxd 1.000 E0808061931BA001FC49 \
COMPONENTS="system-PC bit-PC \
xc3000D-PC xc4000X-PC xc5200X-PC \
ngd2vhdl-PC verilog-PC \
Foundation-PC X-VHDL-PC \
FPGA-Express:1998.08 \
FPGA-Express-VHDL-Base:1998.08 \
FPGA-Express-VLOG-Base:1998.08 \
FPGA-Express-XC3k-Optimizer:1998.08 \
FPGA-Express-XC4k-Optimizer:1998.08 \
FPGA-Express-XC5k-Optimizer:1998.08 \
FPGA-Express-VIRTEX-Optimizer:1998.08 \
FPGA-Express-XC9k-Optimizer:1998.08 \
FPGA-Express-Constraint-Mgr:1998.08 \
FPGA-Express-GAT:1998.08 "
# End of FND-EXP-PC PACKAGE declaration
AR# 6080
Date 06/19/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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