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AR# 60823

2014.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - Block design containing MicroBlaze MCS IP fails with data2mem error during Implementation on Ultrascale device


Vivado IPI block designs containing a MicroBlaze MCS IP can fail during Implementation on UltraScale devices with a Data2mem error similar to the below:


INFO: [Memdata 28-152] Did  not create processor data <project dir>/system_microblaze_mcs_0_0/system_microblaze_mcs_0_0.xci
Generating merged BMM file for the design top 'system_wrapper'...

ERROR::90 - The BRAM instance 'system_i/U0/lmb_bram_I/RAM_Inst/Using_B36_S2.The_BRAMs[12].RAMB36_I1' could not be found in the netlist.
Please verify the instance name in the BMM file and the netlist.


How can this be fixed?


To work around this, please use the following TCL commands:

set_param memdata.enableMCSinIPI 1
set_property SCOPED_TO_REF system [get_files *.bmm]
set_property SCOPED_TO_CELLS {microblaze_mcs_0} [get_files *.bmm]
AR# 60823
Date 06/19/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Kintex UltraScale
  • MicroBlaze Micro Controller System (MCS)
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