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Documentation: Product Prefix Definition (AL, AM, DO, DS, UO, US, etc)


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General Description: Trying to find out which specifc Xilinx software package
is the correct one. When a search on a distributors page is done, several
packages (either for Alliance or Foundation) are returned, with a cryptic
prefix. What do these prefixes mean and which is the right one?? For example,
AM-ALI-STD-PC or DS-ALI-STD-PC. What do the AM and DS stand for?



Product Number Prefix Definitions. For those applicable to our software, the
prefixes are the same for Foundation and Alliance.

AL - Site License
AM - Site Maintenance
BU - Base Update
DH - Remote License
DL - Unrestricted License
DO - Development Option
DS - Development System
DX - Product Upgrade
EX - Xtend Development System
HW - Hardware
SC - Update (with -CU or -U as last characters)
SC - Support Contract
SL - Site License
SM - Site Maintenance (with -CU or -U as last characters)
SM - Site Maintenance
SP - Patch
SR - Re-instate Updates
TC - Training Course
UA - University Additional License
UC - University Update (with -U as last character)
UC - University Support Contract
UE - University Additional License
UO - University Development Option
UR - University Re-instate Updates
US - University Development System
UT - University Re-instate Additional License
UW - University Hardware
UX - University Product Upgrade

If a commercial customer wants our standard product, that would be DS -
Development System.

AR# 6087
Date 10/05/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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