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AR# 60980

Vivado - Uninstalling ProjUtils (Project Utilities) from Tcl AppStore breaks File -> Write Project Tcl command


The Tcl AppStore allows users to uninstall the Projutils(Project Utilities) App.

Once this has been done, the error below appears when trying to run File > Write Project TCL.

write_project_tcl -no_copy_sources {***.tcl}
invalid command name "write_project_tcl"


The write_project_tcl command is part of the Project Utilities in the Xilinx Tcl Store.

 Un-installing the Project Utilities results in removal of the "write_project_tcl" command.

The "Uninstall Apps" option for Project Utilities was removed as a GUI option in the Vivado 2014.1 Tcl AppStore to prevent the unintentional removal of this command.

However, users who still wish to un-install it can use the Tcl command below: 

tclapp::uninstall projutils
AR# 60980
Date 06/10/2014
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite
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