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AR# 61039

PetaLinux 2014.2 - Linux Kernel Does Not Boot When UART0 Is Used Instead of UART1 With earlyprintk


When UART0 is used instead of UART1 in a Zynq-based system, the Linux kernel does not boot.


This is caused by PetaLinux not updating the debug interface in the kernel configuration to use UART0 instead of UART1.  

There are two possible solutions:


1) Remove earlyprintk from the Linux kernel boot arguments in the petalinux-config "Kernel Bootargs" menuconfig options:


2) Update the Linux kernel configuration (petalinux-config -c kernel) manually to enable debug on this UART interface. 

(Kernel Hacking --> Kernel low-level debugging port --> Zynq using UART0):


AR# 61039
Date Created 06/06/2014
Last Updated 11/05/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • PetaLinux - 2014.2