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AR# 61041

2014.2 Vivado IP Flows - Tactical patch related to generation, migration and upgrade of IP cores which contain sub-cores of another IP


As Vivado 2014.2 was being released, multiple issues were discovered relating to the generation, migration and upgrade of IP cores which contain sub-cores of another IP.

Fixes for the issues described below have been combined into one patch, available from this Answer Record.


This tactical patch addresses the following issues.

Ensure a safe deletion order for child IP within hierarchies (Xilinx Answer 61044)
- When clearing the IP Manager of IP instances; delete IP instances in a depth-first order, all children before their parent.

Allow the upgrade of AppCore IP within the upgrade_ip Tcl command (Xilinx Answer 61043)
- Make the upgrade of block diagrams context-sensitive for IPI-only cores
- Allow AppCores to upgrade to non-AppCores (e.g. Hierarchical IP)

Upgrade of AppCore IP within the upgrade_ip command results in the following command for certain IP cores within a block design:
boost: mutex lock failed in pthread_mutex_lock: Invalid argument (Xilinx Answer 61045)

For Windows users, download ar61041_Vivado_2014_2_Win_preliminary_rev2.zip
For Linux users, download ar61041_Vivado_2014_2_Lin_preliminary_rev2.zip
Instructions for the installation and use of the patch are available in the readme file contained in the patch archive under the vivado/patch_readme directory.

The patch is compatible with Vivado 2014.2 only and will no longer be required for Vivado 2014.3.


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AR# 61041
Date 12/20/2016
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.2
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