AR# 61109

Licensing - Do activation based floating licenses support 3-Redundant License?


Do activation based floating licenses support a Triple Redundant License setup?


Triple Redundant servers are not supported with Xilinx activation based licenses.
If you need to use a 3-redundant license server system, and your Xilinx license entitlements are for activation based floating licenses, they will need to be converted to Certificate based licenses.
To request a license change from Activation to certificate based licensing, open a technical support case with the following information.
  • Request: Activation licenses changed to Certificate licenses.
  • Reason: Using Triple Redundant Servers.
  • Xilinx License account number.
  • email address of account administrator.
  • Which license entitlements should be changed to certificate based licenses (Default will be all floating licenses).
For information on Certificate and Activation licensing, see the Xilinx Licensing FAQ:
AR# 61109
Date 05/18/2015
Status Active
Type General Article